Building Sales

Building Sales Arrangements

When it comes time to sell your property, there’s more to getting the most from your asset than merely deciding on a price and listing the real estate. In fact, the longer you plan for this event, the more likely it is that you will receive top dollar for your investment. If you haven’t crafted a plan that includes a sale strategy, it may be time to consider how much it might cost you if you don’t.

At Commercial Property Advisors, LLC, we can help you craft a plan that determines the optimum time to market and sell your property, including a preparatory survey of the marketplace.

Once initial strategies are developed, we can help you throughout the selling process. This includes creating a promotional budget, developing marketing materials, designing an appropriate role for the brokerage community and selecting and supervising commercial listing services.

We get involved in hands-on activities as well, including canvassing current occupants, handling mailings to prospective buyers and coordinating the communications necessary to ensure your property is seen and appreciated.

You saw the potential in your property when you decided to buy it. Why not let us help you entice a new buyer through a process that is designed to induce a purchase offer considerably higher than may have been otherwise possible?