Corporate Relocations

Corporate Relocations

Commercial Property Advisors, LLC has considerable experience helping corporations move. This includes both relocation support as well as the coordination of plant closings where liquidation is the objective. We are seasoned professionals who can help you deal with all issues ranging from handling proprietary material still sitting on your just former employees’ desks to moving heavy equipment off the plant floor, and if necessary, across state or country borders.

We can coordinate the rigging and moving of heavy equipment but are equally adept at dealing with the disposition of a product, work in progress and production materials. Whether the ideal dispersal solution is an auction, private sale, public sale or discreet destruction of material, we’ll help you determine the best strategy and coordinate the process.

With considerable experience in environmental remediation issues, we can help dispose of hazardous material as well as provide resources for municipal issues and site clean up.

If your property will be emptied without a foreseeable new occupant, we can prepare your real estate for vacancy.

Finally, if real estate is to be put up for sale, we can help coordinate the marketing effort to find a buyer. This may include crafting a strategy for identifying ideal candidates, dealing with potential municipal issues and developing communications tools to position the property effectively to all involved.